The #RJTechTour with Paul Singh is at LumosĀ November 14-18


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Having a strong commitment to philanthropy, our community, and the arts is at the heart of who we are. Our gallery is excited to showcase and celebrate art that intersects with technology and media to lend a new perspective to relevant and timely societal issues and business trends. Looking at art through the lens of innovation and technology is just one way we hope to inspire new ideas, engage our community in solving world changing ideas, and educate the leaders of tomorrow.

We offer the local community and visitors exhibitions in:

  • Interactive tech art
  • Science based fine art
  • Technology demos
  • 3D printing services
  • A children’s robotic maker station
  • And much more.

Innovators by their very nature are inherently creative, and we believe giving that creativity a place to come alive is extremely inspirational to our members and the community at large. So come down, get inspired!

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